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Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Christina Socorro Yovovich has lived in Albuqerque, New Mexico since 1998. Her poetry has appeared in journals such as the Blue Mesa Review, River Styx, Mothers Always Write, and elsewhere. Her nonfiction has appeared in The Hunger, Cagibi, MUTHA Magazine, and elsewhere. She is currently working on a memoir about parenting with bipolar disorder.

Latest Blog Posts

Fixing It

This sign has been in our front yard since we moved in. The dog hunched over in pooping stance and the word “No!” painted across its side. I’ve contemplated removing it many times. It sends a message I don’t really want to send. I don’t feel precious about the patch of lawn on our frontContinue reading “Fixing It”

Bird Friends

One thing I’m learning is that the side yard in my new home is beloved by birds. I’ve been sitting out here on the patio and writing most mornings this week. The house is hot because temperatures have been high and our swamp coolers aren’t turned on yet. But the west patio is in shadeContinue reading “Bird Friends”

On Writing Profiles

I just finished writing my third volunteer profile for my church’s monthly newsletter. I belong to First Unitarian here in Albuquerque, the first church I’ve ever been a member of, which is a subject for a whole blog post on its own, and I was recently recruited to join its Radical Generosity committee and doContinue reading “On Writing Profiles”

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