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Selfish Pursuits

It is supposed to rain all day today, which is a novel thing for New Mexico. There are dire warnings of flooding, especially in areas with burn scars, so it isn’t all coziness and fun. My kid and I got caught driving in a rainstorm earlier this week and it was honestly pretty scary —Continue reading “Selfish Pursuits”

Marking the Occasion

My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary recently. In keeping with my recent tendencies, I marked the occasion with a special cross stitch, and by sewing a new top to wear out to dinner. The cross stitch isn’t done yet, probably won’t be for a couple more months. It is a little, orContinue reading “Marking the Occasion”

On Pride

Over the long weekend I made the Torrens Box Top from Muna & Broad. I’ve quickly become very fond of this small, independent pattern company. For one thing, they make patterns in my size, which I’ve found most pattern makers don’t, not even the ones who make plus-size patterns. For another, I love their style,Continue reading “On Pride”

Rabbit Holes

I have never thought of myself as a crafty person. Creative, yes, but not crafty. All the things I made were things involving words. Essays, poems, blog entries, letters, all of these were the things I created. I cooked and baked, but my interest in that waned a long time ago, and I mostly didContinue reading “Rabbit Holes”

Fixing It

This sign has been in our front yard since we moved in. The dog hunched over in pooping stance and the word “No!” painted across its side. I’ve contemplated removing it many times. It sends a message I don’t really want to send. I don’t feel precious about the patch of lawn on our frontContinue reading “Fixing It”

Bird Friends

One thing I’m learning is that the side yard in my new home is beloved by birds. I’ve been sitting out here on the patio and writing most mornings this week. The house is hot because temperatures have been high and our swamp coolers aren’t turned on yet. But the west patio is in shadeContinue reading “Bird Friends”

On Writing Profiles

I just finished writing my third volunteer profile for my church’s monthly newsletter. I belong to First Unitarian here in Albuquerque, the first church I’ve ever been a member of, which is a subject for a whole blog post on its own, and I was recently recruited to join its Radical Generosity committee and doContinue reading “On Writing Profiles”

Settling In

We moved into this new house on the last day of November, so our first few months of getting settled in have been winter months. The trees had no leaves and all the plants were dormant. We didn’t spend much time outdoors, or even in the sunroom because of the cold. But as things haveContinue reading “Settling In”

On Balance

This week I picked up my embroidery again. I had stopped working on it around the same time I stopped working on my old cross stitch project. But a couple weeks ago I revived my cross stitch practice simply by switching to a different project, and this week I found the need for an embroideryContinue reading “On Balance”


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