Early Morning

In the past year, I seem to have lost my ability to sleep in. It isn’t a big deal. I can still get to sleep at night, and sleep through the night, but once morning hits, I’m awake, even if it is 5:00 a.m. This is a little ironic because my baby and then kid used to rise at 5:00 every day, and I complained about it mightily. Now that he reliably sleeps as late as he is able, I wake myself at 5:00. Life is different now then it was when I was up with a 2 year old at 5:00 though. Back then, there were no quiet moments. I was parenting from the moment my eyes opened. Now, I pad out to the living area, make the pot of coffee, prepare a little breakfast, and quietly read the internet by myself. On a good morning like today, where there is no pressing schedule, I then retired to my leather chair with my stitching.

For a good two hours this morning, I stitched on my cushion project and semi-watched Bernadette Banner videos. The cats curled up near me. Bernadette’s voice was soothing and informative. My stitching was relaxing and beautiful. I didn’t need to prepare to make anyone else’s breakfast or pack a lunch. It was just the perfect way to start a Saturday. Grounding and soothing.

Later today I plan to finish my jacket project (hurrah!), then I’ll start doing some getting-ready-for-the-cleaner tasks, and finally if the weather cooperates we’ll all go to the Twinkle Light Parade together and watch twinkle lights go on by (I guess. We’ve never gone to this parade before). It will hopefully be a quiet and lovely Saturday. I’m looking forward to it, and I don’t mind one bit that the day started at 5:00.

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