I’m making some plans for this coming week, some tinkering plans. My Singer 221 got kind of clanky by the end of my jacket project. Clearly it needs some spa time, with a good cleaning and oiling. Then I’ll clean and oil the Singer 66, which will be fun as I have yet to do anything to the machine but admire it. I then plan to install a new treadle belt and start the process of teaching myself to use the thing. I’ve read that using a treadle is a lot like driving stick. I’m terrible at driving stick, so this should be interesting. But I’m looking forward to trying.

Honestly, if I never get the hang of it, that will be okay. I’ll be happy enough to admire the machine and keep it polished. It is a thing of beauty and just looking at it makes me happy. But hopefully I’ll get the hang of treadling and, oh, you will be able to hear my squeals of delight for blocks when I do. I love the idea of actually sewing on that beautiful machine. I love the thought of operating it entirely under my own power — no electricity. I’ve been reading about how to treadle and watching videos, and I feel reasonably ready to go it a go. I’ll start without any thread and just a piece of paper, to see if I can get the hang of making the wheel spin in the proper direction. Then if all goes well, next week I’ll sew Eric some curtains for his home office.

I got a rubber belt for the 66 instead of the classic leather one. I read that the Amish use the rubber belts on their machines because they are less likely to slip. I figured they know, since they must actually use the machines for necessity and not just for fun, so I ordered one. I’d like my machine to be practical as well as beautiful.

I also plan to use the overlocker again towards the end of the week. I’m doing an online apron sewing workshop on Saturday, and so before then I need to overlock the raw edges of my fabric and give it a prewash. More good fun. I used the overlocker for the first time a little over a week ago and that had me laughing like a kid as the FOUR threads did their thing. I think maybe I am a little ridiculous, but I’m having so much fun I don’t care.

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