Errands and De-Fluffing

I spent the morning today doing errands. First, I brought my kid’s lunch to school because he forgot it. Then I headed up to a local toy store in the North Valley to pick up an order. This toy store has been supplying me with Santa’s stocking stuffers for my kid’s stocking each Christmas for the past five years. They used to be a pop-up shop that was open for just a few months, but they recently opened a year-round location. At 10.5, my kid is mostly too old for a lot of the stuff in the shop, but I still found some cool things for his stocking. Now, the toy store’s new location is across the street from an excellent bakery, so of course I stopped in there and got a loaf of whole wheat bread and a couple green chile cheddar biscuits. I just had my biscuit with tea.

It was a pleasant morning of errands, and they felt novel because we’ve been so locked down for so long. It is only fairly recently that I’m willing to mask up and go inside a store. We’ve been doing most of our shopping by delivery, and still are. But I’m willing to go into some locally owned places while wearing a mask to pick up things for the holidays. Last week I visited a local candy shop and stocked up on the traditional Christmas candy. Today, I did the toy store. Tomorrow, okay, this isn’t locally owned, I think I’ll go early as I can to Trader Joe’s and pick up some frozen meals and peppermint sandwich cookies.

This afternoon I plan to de-fluff and possibly also oil my Singer 221. It is full of pink lint from my jacket project, and desperately needs some oil. I’ve got plans to sew all afternoon on Saturday. (Muna and Broad is having an apron-making workshop! Come join me!) So, my trusty machine needs to be in top shape by then.

Life is pretty good lately. There are multiple pleasant and productive ways to spend my time, and I’m getting a lot of joy from all of them. I feel lucky, and know I’m privileged. It helps too that my little family here is currently in a good place. We are good right now at being together, and being happy. I’m thankful.

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