Special Breakfast

Every Sunday morning our family has what we fondly call Special Breakfast. I started making Special Breakfast on Sunday morning when my son was small, pretty much pre-verbal in fact. At first, I made the same pancake recipe every week. I remember one week my tiny son coming downstairs, seeing me at work in the kitchen, and running over to me, pointing and grinning and saying “Cake! Cake!” It felt good to be appreciated.

My Sunday morning efforts are still appreciated, though I’m not necessarily told so every week. I’ve branched out from the weekly pancakes, and now also make things like muffins and turkey bacon, biscuits and gravy, waffles, and more. I don’t always feel like cooking on Sunday morning, but I don’t like to break the tradition. And if I really don’t feel like cooking, I can always order doughnuts or breakfast burritos.

This morning I made banana muffins with chocolate chips and turkey bacon. In a break from tradition, we ate in front of the tv. That’s because the World Cup was on, and my husband decided we should watch. He’s mostly given up his old football habit, so it is rare that our family watches sports together these days. It was a treat this morning to watch the game and root for Argentina. I don’t think anyone remembered to thank me for making muffins, not until I gave myself a compliment. But it was still a good morning.

I stepped away from the game for an hour to attend Zoom church for my UU congregation. We’re hunkering down a bit right now in an attempt to avoid illness — it seems everyone around us is sick with something — and I’m grateful that Zoom church is still an option. It’s good to be connected, even as we aren’t seeing very many people in person right now. I suppose that is part of why I’ve been doing this daily blogging thing this month. It is a little tendril sent out into the world even as I mostly am sticking to home. Saying, hi, hello, we are still here, hope you are here too.

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