Doing it the Hard Way

I make excellent oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The recipe isn’t a big secret. I found it online at the Quaker Oats site.  But the cookies are chewy and just what a cookie should be. I think I like them even better than regular chocolate chip cookies. Almost three years ago I baked a batch for my son’s birthday and sent him to school with them. He came home and said one of the kids told him it was the best cookie she’d ever had. A day later, the schools shut down because of the pandemic, but I like to think that wasn’t my cookies’ fault.

Today I baked a batch to send to school again. Tomorrow my son’s class is having a holiday party, and he requested the cookies. I have a stand mixer that lives on the counter, so making cookies is a breeze. But, for some reason I don’t entirely understand, I didn’t use it for the cookies today. Instead I creamed the butter and sugar together with a wooden spoon and my own muscles. By the time everything was as it should be, my arms were spent. The whole time I kept telling myself I could just use the mixer, but somehow using my arm strength and a spoon seemed easier.

The cookies turned out just right. 30 of them are in a tin for the class party tomorrow. Ten of them were designated for home, and we’ve been enjoying them. I had my cookie with a cup of decaf earl gray tea. There is no big moral or meaning in this story. Just, I made cookies today. I did it the hard way, and they came out well. Tomorrow a classroom of kids will eat them, and hopefully one or two will think, wow. Good cookie.

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